Workshop KM Awareness

 Getting People Buy In by Raising

KM Awareness


The aim of this course is to transfer an awareness of the principles and practice of Knowledge Management. Through a mixture of tutorial and exercise work, the participants will develop an understanding of the people, process, cultural and technological aspects of Knowledge Management, and will be aware of how Knowledge Management can be implemented within a company for measurable business benefits.


Recommended Audience

The course is designed to build awareness and understanding of how Knowledge Management could help employee as well as organization expand their knowledge and help daily work. Also, for those who are interested in knowledge management, and wish to understand the concepts and value of Knowledge Management


What does it cover?
  • Knowledge and learning agility as critical assets
  • Knowledge management as an organizational change process
  • Communities of practice and knowledge roles
  • The tools and techniques of knowledge capture and transfer
  • Introductory case studies
  • Case study business implementation


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