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Need update and front line info for KM? Kindly look up our blog. Content are easy to digest and told by daily example will give you interesting insight. Available in Bahasa Indonesia 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

If you are new to Knowledge Management (KM) then you are in the right page. We are answering most frequent question in such a manner way. Also, find our explanation in video format. 

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White Paper White Paper

White Paper

We believe knowledge is a crucial assets. However, the documentation of that knowledge is more important. So, we are committed to documenting our experience and share it with you. Here are some scientific writings and insight drawn from our international network 

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We are providing newsletter for you as media to spread the trend and information about KM. Please kindly sign up so we could inform you for any updates. Don't forget to see our published newsletter

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