What’s the success recipe for business sustainability, reducing cost, continuing improvement and sparking innovations? Those questions always come forth and yet, still keep asked. As Lew Platt, former CEO Hawlett Packard (HP) said, “If HP know what we knew, we would be three times profitable”.


Knowledge Management is a way to unlock the value of 'the things you know'. Just think how valuable your knowledge is to you. How well do you look after it? Imagine your company with no knowledge. Imagine your premises, your plant, your staff, but with no knowledge or experience of the business, the processes or the customers. Think how poorly you would perform, and the value that you would lose. That value is the current value of your knowledge, in an unmanaged state. Imagine if your finances were as unmanaged as your knowledge! Think how much more value you could derive. It makes sound business sense to manage your knowledge; to derive maximum business benefit from the invisible asset which is the operational knowledge held in the heads of your employees.


And here, Knoco Indonesia is ready to help you. Knoco helps organizations of any size to deliver real business value from their knowledge; by designing knowledge management strategies and frameworks, delivering knowledge management initiatives, and providing essential knowledge management toolkits. Knoco’s know-how, honed by working with world leaders in knowledge management over the past 20 years, helps clients in any sector improve performance and increase profitability.


Application of Knoco Ltd. approach resulted in over $700 million in hard benefits in a single year for BP, and $28m in De Beers in the first year of implementation. Mars, building on Knoco’s support, has now delivered over $1 billion in KM-enabled value. Knoco operates internationally, with partners in South Africa, New York, India, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Switzerland, Chile and Denmark


We are eager to help you and sustaining your business 

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