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Knoco Ltd. was established in 1999 by key members of BP’s global Knowledge Management team, who had been recognized in the 1990s as pioneers in the field of Knowledge Management.


As independant knowledge management consultants, Knoco have delivered 14 years of successful practical service in the field of Knowledge Management, providing coaching, consultancy, training, Knowledge Management services and strategic guidance to clients in a wide range of industry sectors


As part of their global strategy, Knoco International has opened its new branch as part of ITTC Group. Since its establishment in 1993, ITTC has become the pioneers of thinking science, and successfully combining it with the concept of modern management and leading human performance technology. 


ITTC always presents practical and accurate solutions, where the client will obtain a series of systems, methods, experience, and tools that are practical and innovative. ITTC’s quality of work has gained recognition, where ITTC’s client has been made a national benchmark. Not only that, the bureaucratic reform undertaken has also gained excellent appraisal by an independent team. 


ITTC is committed to being duly informed of the results of research in their field as well as the development of new knowledge from the world's leading institutions and applying it in practical and high quality world class programs. 


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